08 December 2009

"Let's Hear it for The Naked Guy...That Took a Lotta Balls!" -- Trey, 12/5/09, Charlottesville

I'm still recuperating from tour, but in the meanwhile, here's a little placeholder taste of my post-to-come, on the Charlottesville tour closer, thoughts on my life in the past few weeks, and possible futures. I haven't laughed as hard as I did in Charlottesville in a long time, and if laughter is a sign of rebirth, then I think I'm a couple of days into an infinitely weird-feeling, but triumphant, bare-assed infancy...just the way Jesus found me.

And, apparently, Charlottesville's now-infamous Naked Guy is in the same position, albeit now possibly clothed in a fashionable neon-orange prison onesie. The two best parts about the dude's appearance (and I'll repeat them in my next post) are: 1) When he lovingly bear-hugs Trey, Trey barely registers any surprise, and just kinda pats the guy on the back, like, "Aww, hey there, naked guy!"... and 2) Fishman just never, ever, not for ONE SECOND stops playing the hi-hat intro to "Ya Mar." Not...for...one...second. 

This band does NOT miss a beat. And why should it, when rhythmically propelled by God's Own Original Naked Guy, or Practically Naked Guy, anyway? Y'all know what's up under that frock, right? Umm, no pun intended...? (*faint*)

Anyway, without further ado, let's have a look at Naked Guy's contribution to the Charlottesville Too Hot Tour Closer, soon to be tackled (hyulk) in slightly more depth by yours truly.

NAKED GUY UPDATE!!! This just in from "meltyourface," a reviewer over at Phish.net: apparently, naked guy was NOT arrested, just cited for indecent exposure! Huh, I guess they don't call it the Dirty South for nothin'...! Thanks for completing the Fall Tour Package, Naked Guy! (uhhmm...)


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