25 December 2009

Foamy Phishmas!

Here is my gift to you on this most special Phishmas 2009, having been blessed with their return. With best wishes and good cheer, here's some dude in the audience during the decidedly nog-licious 11/2/94 "Foam":

And lo! He is joyful throughout! Listen on, good patron, to the foamy goodness in its 10:47 entirety:

Ah, indeed my friend. 'Tis true. 'Twas good, 'tis good, and 'twill be good. Foamy Phishmas to all, and to all a good spike...maaaaannn! 

PS: This show is perhaps more noteworthy for its 30-minute-long "Tweezer," but I thought the "Foam" was Yuletide-fitting because it reminds me of snow. If you want a bigger present, clear a half-hour from your post-Christmas shopping schedule and dig some serious cold, cold, cold instead:

[Shite-awful Photoshop by yours truly; pic by Nubar Alexanian]


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