22 June 2010

Cracklin' Prose: Stealing Time for the Lofty Plan

An ethereal cascade into "Harry Hood" (out of a "Theme From the Bottom" taken on an eye-popping detour out its own side) made me make a Ren Hoek face. Those of you old enough to know remember narrow-mouthed, pendulous-tongued, bulge-eyed rictus of the erstwhile MTV cartoon chihuahua... Having just finished listening to the whole, very long, seriously eh-pick (in no uncertain terms), 6/18/10 was made for a writer like me to bathe in.

While positively *getting down* to the combustibly jubilant "Halley's Comet" Set II opener, I jumped up and down yelling, "This is it! This is the one!", in reference to that nebulous "thingy" I seem to need to drag my voice into the current cloud of appreciative analysis, the locomotive strong enough to ignite and propel my train of thought along its twisty track.

As I began to say above, at some point during the "Hood" intro, I decided I'm going to use Hartfords I and II as the linchpin for my discussion of Summer 2010 Tour So Far. In Part I, I shall attempt to distill the reams of critical guff I've ammassed on Toyota Park through Portsmouth, then land on Hartford I as a defining moment, a sort of power bridge between VA and what will encompass Part II, Night II of the Hartford stand, a full-blooded, gate-opening welcome to what I recently coined "3.0.1 - The New Classic Phish" in an email to a notable phellow Phishtorian.

Oh, process, glorious process! Stay tuned, lovelies! I have an end to the thing which is always the clincher, sappy as it may be. But hopefully I'll have it wrung out before I head to the Delaware River camping and rafting Thursday and this weekend, with water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink! ;-)

Shred centrally in Mansfield to-nite! Y'all are in for it; it's gonna be a week. The parapet has been breached, and the Phish war against sanity in music has begun anew!

(Speaking of which, PS: Phish, if you're listening, and you really are an "All-Request Band," then you'll do us all a favor by kicking it real "Back to the Future"-stylee with the FAST VERSION of "Sanity" (a-la 5/28/89) sometime this tour. 'Nuff said...)


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What is this pay-per-view? We want the goods! ;)

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