06 September 2009

This Space Intentionally Left Blank

I'm silently slouching through the forests of the Poconos in PA, an undercover Phishhead camping with 159 other sober drunks. Found a copy of the April '09 Rolling Stone, in a pile of collage fodder mags on the arts and crafts table. "Phish Return" on the cover seen, I was back in high school with the copy of SPIN with Faith No More or Nirvana in it, carefully tearing and laminating with packing tape. On the back of page two of the article, "Michael Jackson Sets Record with 50-Date London Run"...he should not have tried to outdo Phish, as he is now officially on hiatus. :-/

This post is also an iPhone test. Enough bullshitting around, the next post takes Phenway, and I get my On-Land Summer Reunion Re-Tour on the road. Been raking through the monumental, many-song first set, as well as standouts from Mansfield, MA, and Camden (skipping the Jones Beaches, which I've already done to death, and can trot out highlights of in my sleep). This won't be work, but it will be interesting keeping it brief. Maybe iPhoning it will help me stay conservative (although they don't call me "Wonder Thumbs" for nuthin').

Down to the mess hall now for breakfast, and I'll be back in two blinks of a trampling lamb's eye...


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